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Curriculum Overview

Preparation for adulthood

We believe that young people with SEND should have equal life chances as they move into adulthood.

This should include paid employment and higher education, housing options, independent living, good health, friends, relationships, community inclusion and choice and control over their lives and support.

The Preparing for Adulthood process begins in Year 9 and the process will continue with us until they leave SAIL but will continue during their post 16 provision i.e. Further Education.  Transition support from other agencies may continue until the young person is 25.  During Year 9 the transition process will begin; the young person, the family, the school, professionals working with the young person and representatives from the local authority will look at different key areas and see how we can support the pupils and their families to achieve the most appropriate outcomes for: 

  • Further education and/or employment – this includes exploring different employment options that is right for the pupil in line with their diagnosis, such as Further Education, employment, Supported Internship/Employment, training or volunteering or support for becoming self-employed and help from supported employment agencies.
  • Independent living – this means young people having a voice and an input in their lives and the support they have, their accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living where appropriate.
  • Participating in their community which includes meaningful interactions with people that the pupils feels adds value to their community. This will be specific and individual for each person depending on their interpretation of ‘community’.
  • Young people are supported to manage their own health as they move into adulthood. Leading a healthy life which will enable young people to progress and develop so that they can achieve the outcomes on their EHCP and prepare young people for further education and or employment. 

Some families may feel their children are not ready for adulthood but that is what the transition process is for; to help build those stepping stones for young people to prepare them for the move from school or college to a successful and independent adult life, whether this is into Further Education, employment, Supported Internship/Employment, training or volunteering.

During transition there will be changes in the support that is offered.  There will also be emotional changes to go through as the young person starts the journey to becoming more independent.  As well as leaving school and perhaps going to college or training, young people may make new friends, start new relationships, and think about where they want to live. These decisions and changes can be both exciting and challenging.

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