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Admissions and referrals


Admissions and transitions

 We are one of 3 specialist provisions in the Reach South Academy Trust. At SAIL we cater for up to 150 pupils with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH) all of whom have an Education, Health, Care Plan.

Admissions Referrals

All referrals for admission to SAIL come via Central SEND Services, Department for Children and Education, Wiltshire County Council. We also accept referrals from neighbouring authorities with the knowledge of Wiltshire Council.

All admission consultations must be sent to: [email protected] 

Admissions consultations are considered by our admissions panel who meet weekly. The panel is made up of the:

  • Headteacher
  • The SENCO

Admissions Transitions to SAIL

Every pupil's transition to SAIL is personalised to pupil need. Our aim is always to ensure that transitions to the Academy are as smooth as possible, reducing any anxieties our pupils may have.

An individualised admissions transition program may include:

Visits to the Academy with a member of the senior leadership team. 

Transition 'Team around the Child' meeting

Reduced timetables

Transition social skills support via our Transition booklet which included

  • Photographs of the pupils new teacher and key staff members 
  • Photographs of their new classroom and key areas on the site
  • Social skills support e.g. social stories
  • Prospective timetable

Transition visits (time in the provision)

Parent/carer coffee morning:

  • Meet key staff member
  • Find out important information
  • Complete admissions paperwork
  • Order uniform

Phased transition into school timetable

Transitions to another provision

We aim to ensure all transitions from our setting are successful for all our pupils. We work closely with new providers to ensure they have clear, up to date information about pupils. In many cases we offer autism support and guidance to the new setting to ensure a smooth transition for the pupil. 

An individualised transition program may include:

  • Supported visits to the new setting
  • Transition 'Team around the Child' meeting

Transition social skills support via Padlet (online virtual platform) or booklet which includes:

  • Photographs of key staff members 
  • Photographs of their new setting
  • Social skills support e.g. social stories

Travel Training (Post 16) and Careers, Information and Guidance (CIAG)

Pupil Information/key documents shared with new provider(s):

  • Education, Health Care Plan
  • Most Recent Annual Review
  • Recent Professional Reports (e.g. SALT, OT, CAHMS, Medical)
  • Safeguarding file
  • CTF

Admissions and Transitions Key Contacts:

Admissions Enquiries and Consultations: admissions-[email protected]

Admissions Lead/ Post 16 Transitions Lead – Headteacher


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